Frequently asked questions

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Is this website open source?

Yes, you can get the source code on github.

I have an idea! Or, alternatively I have found a bug.

Great! Please send me an email!


When I add tags to my bookmarks in Firefox they aren't synced with Quarchive - why not?

Sadly Firefox currently does not expose this data to extensions. This problem is tracked as Firefox bug 1225916.

User data

Can other users see my bookmarks?

No, your data is completely private. Other users cannot see your bookmarks, your tags, your username, or anything else.

Can I export my data?

Not yet, but this is definitely planned. Of course, all bookmark data except for tags also resides in your local browser. (Tags are also present internally in the extension but are not user accessible.)


How can I change my password/username/email?

This is currently a manual process - please email [email protected]

Do I have to enter an email address when I register?

No this is completely optional. In the future it will be used to make password reset a self-serve process.